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4 December, 2018
Optimum nutrition
2 November, 2017


The "Humorous" campaign is about rewarding customers in exchange for shopping on the Arhelan shoping network. The prizes are original fridge magnets that create a collection of faces expressing various emotions. Thanks to magnets, each of the household members will be able to signal their mood every day.    


Somewhere in a distant galaxy, leaving the Earth around, is a peculiar planet. It is inhabited by atypical creatures. They do not use human words, but often shoot mines to express their feelings. - so „Humorous” are called. One day, they visited the Earth. The inhabitants of our planet surprised them very much, talked and talked a lot, but these words did not meen much, so the „Humorous” wanted to help. They lent their faces and encouraged us to express emotions. From that day, without any unnecessary speech, you show their face and you have the message ready. For friends, for the family, all show these unearthly faces. Express yourself without a problem, showing „Humorous” to anyone.


- attracting children and their parents to shopping in Arhelan stores, - developing the awareness of a family-friendly brand.